Mini Sessions

A “Mini Session” is set up for you to have a masterpiece to hang in your home or give as a special gift created by your young aspiring artist and assisted by me, the professional. 

Think of how amazing it would be to have a beautiful, yet contemporary abstract piece for your home created by your child. Abstracts by children are great because you’ll be able to recognize a lot of their expressions, movement, and personality all throughout the piece forever.

Here’s how it works:

First, you choose the canvas size. This is important because we want it to look stunning above the fireplace or entry way or whatever special place you have in mind.

Second, you choose a time and date. The sessions should take max 2 hours, hence the name “mini”

Lastly, I show up with all the supplies on our chosen date. We can discuss the colors that we paint with to your preference in order to match the decor. 

You are more than welcome to be around to take pictures and videos. 

Pricing is determined on the size of canvas, number of painters, and location.  

Max three(3) per painting larger than 30″x 40”

If you have any additional questions and/or ideas, feel free to ask. 

I cannot wait to help your child create a masterpiece for you and your family!