As a young girl, I always had some sort of art in my life; my father being a photographer, to my mother being a singer. In my teenage years, I was in band and I was a dancer and highly involved in my Varsity Drill Team. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I continued on to the University of Texas at Dallas. Immediately choosing my major, Arts & Performance with an emphasis in painting and studying under Professor and artist John Pomara, I was able to focus on graduating and see what life had ahead of me as an artist.

After graduating, I took my life to Austin Texas, where I was able to explore and learn from so many different types of artists. I ventured back to Dallas to find myself moving back to Austin a year later. Funny how that worked out, I had to move back to Dallas for personal reasons and was nonstop in the art scene. I took an adventure down to Belize in Central America a few years later for some R&R and inspiration. Upon my return, I was able to visualize who and what I wanted to be as an artist.

Today I work as an artist and muralist in the Dallas and surrounding areas. I also am an art instructor at a painting studio in the Lakewood, East Dallas area.

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